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Terms & Conditions

Terms of use for customers:

The terms and conditions for customers in this agreement apply to all customers who have registered on the "Here is a Service" website to obtain any kind of services described by us.

If you use the "here is a service" website, you agree that you are legally able to enter into a contract.

The information provided by you on the registration page is correct, current and complete, and you will update this information in the event of any change to it during the term of this agreement.

The customer is obligated to ensure that all credit card information and the payment or payment method through which he makes the payment, and the payment provided is accurate, correct and updated at all times, and he has the absolute authority to use this information for the purposes of paying for the services available through the “Here is Service” website.

The customer is solely responsible for paying all fees incurred for using the services provided by the “Here is a Service” website, including every transaction under the customer’s account.

The customer is also responsible for compensating “here is a service” for any external expenses incurred by him as a result of providing false information, including but not limited to any fees resulting from incorrect credit card information or fees incurred under the customer’s account and disputed in violation of this agreement.

When the customer registers a new account on the "Here is Service" website, he will be required to provide a username and password. The customer is fully responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of the password and username, and any other information related to the security of the account, as well as he will be fully responsible for all activities that occur under his username or password.

The customer may not share his own account data such as the username or password with any other person at any time, and the customer must immediately notify the “Here is a Service” website regarding any unauthorized use of the password, username, e-mail, or any Security breach.

Here is a Service encourages customers to change their password at least once a month. Hana Service will not be liable for any loss incurred by the customer as a result of someone else using his account or password with or without his knowledge.

It is forbidden to exchange any means of communication with the translator in any way; For example, but not limited to: (e-mail, phone number, skype, etc.).

Hana Service reserves the right to modify or discontinue - temporarily or permanently - any of the services provided with or without notice to customers.

Here is a Service is not legally responsible for any losses or damages suffered by the customer or the third party as a result of the modification or discontinuance of any of the services.

Here is a Service allows customers to create a service request through the website, which is presented to the translators and then assigned to an appropriate expert translator in the same field.

In "Here is a Service" we are committed to providing high quality in all services at reasonable prices. These terms and conditions apply to those who work with us, whether they are valued customers or translators.

Once you register on the "Here is a Service" website, whether you are a customer or a translator, you have accepted the terms and conditions contained in this agreement, in addition to your agreement to the terms contained in the privacy policy of the "Here is a Service" website.

All items contained in this document are subject to updating, change, addition or deletion of any of the provisions of this agreement, without prior notice, and without reference to anyone, and the customer or translator must review this agreement periodically.

Our services include all the services described in detail on our services page.

The customer bears full responsibility for the content, quality, delivery and end use of the document.

The client is responsible for accepting or objecting to changes to the document proposed by the translator.

The customer is responsible for providing a correct email address to communicate and receive the work done from "Hana Service".

When the customer submits a request for the service, the coordinator creates the electronic invoice for the customer, and the customer pays the invoice value through one of the payment methods shown on the “Here is a Service” website, and then the translation process takes place.

Here is a service that sends the translation to the customer in two copies, "Word file and PDF file" through the site coordinator through the means of communication sent by the customer.

The Hana Service website is committed to delivering the translated files and documents on the specified, agreed upon, and announced dates to the client, with the exception of official and national holidays and weekends.

The dates for delivery of the translated files to the client are determined by the coordinator at the beginning of each translation request for the “non-priced files service”, and in the event that translation requests are sent after working hours, the translated files will be delivered on the next day.

“Here is a Service” website is not responsible for any modifications made by the customer to the translated file after the translation process has been carried out and approved, and that the translated files and documents issued by the “Here is a Service” website and its link attached in the invoice for each translation request are only approved by the “Here is a Service” website, which is not Hana Service bears responsibility for files not issued by Hana Service.

Here is a service website that keeps files and previous works in the customer’s account in order to refer to it at any time according to the customer’s desire, and the files are kept for a period of one year for individual accounts, and five years for corporate and institutional accounts.

There is no responsibility towards Hana Service in the event of cancellation of the translation process and it is not committed to refunding any amounts to the customer. Therefore, once the payment process is completed, it is an implicit declaration by the customer to complete the paid translation process and there is no way to cancel.

The customer has the right to request the modification of the translated file in the event that the service is not satisfactory within a maximum period of one week only from the date of receiving the file, and accordingly, dealing is done urgently to solve the problem if the default is a result of poor performance